Snow removal isn’t fun, but a skid steer loader from Bobcat is a great way to make it easier! The skid steer loader on its own is helpful, but the use of specialized snow removal attachments is the best way to get the job done quickly and efficiently. If you’re struggling to decide what Bobcat attachment is right for you, give one of these four a try this winter!

Bobcat Skid Steer Loader Snow Removal Attachments


1. Scraper

The toughest winter weather to remove from the pavement is heavy ice or packed on snow. A regular snow removal tool will remove the top layer, but ice and packed on snow will be left stuck to the pavement. The scraper is designed to remove built-up ice and hard-packed snow. An oscillating disc works to get under the packed snow and ice to remove it from the ground up. A self-sharpening blade ensures your scraper will be efficient time and time again.

2. Snow Blade

The snow blade is a common bobcat attachment that’s ideal for removing a moderate amount of snow from driveways and parking lots. An angled snow blade is ideal for moving snow where you want it to go. Look for a snowblade with a 30-degree angle in either direction to get the most out of your skid steer loader.


3. Angle Broom

The angle broom is a bobcat attachment designed specifically to handle snowfall of six inches or less. This attachment sweeps snow away from driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks in a breeze without scraping what’s underneath. You can choose from three different angle broom attachment widths to best meet your needs. This is a popular choice for those needing to quickly clear a job site or loading dock through the winter months too!

4. Spreader

Clearing snow and ice is about more than just pushing it away. The bobcat spreader attachment is able to spread salt or sand that will breakdown the snow and ice, offer traction to those driving on the surface, and ultimately make snow or ice removal easier. You can even use your spreader attachment before it snows to create a barrier between the pavement and the potential ice that can form! The spreader works to make job sites, parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways safer places for everyone using them.


Snow removal using your skid steer loader will be easier than ever before with these four snow removal attachments. You can even look into bobcat rental services or bobcat attachments for sale at a lower price if you’re looking to upgrade your skid steer loader without breaking the bank!