Ciano Development Corporation is Reading’s number one choice for landscaping equipment repairs and to buy used Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders. We provide a variety of refurbished landscaping equipment for local contractors as well as repair services and rental programs. In the past, we have also sold wood and lumber to homeowners and contractors in the area. We have decided to bring this service back. If you need to stock up on wood, please give us a call.

firewood stacked

Purchase Firewood in Reading, Massachusetts

Winter in Massachusetts can be a severe season. With many homes and buildings still utilizing wood fireplaces as well as electric or gas heat, there is always a demand for wood during fall into early winter. That is why our team provides wood logs for families at reasonable prices. If you are interested in purchasing wood for your home, please give us a call or send us a contact form.

Purchase Bio Block Fire Logs

Ciano Development Corporation provides Bio Block Fire Logs for sale in Reading Massachusetts. This firewood is ideal for both indoor and outdoor fires so whether you need it for staying warm inside during the winter or for outdoor fires in the summer and spring. These logs can effectively burn for up to four hours and are safe for cooking if you plan to roast anything over the fire.

Purchase Wood For Summer Bonfires

Aside from the cold winter, there is also a high demand for wood during spring and summer for fire pits. Fire pits throughout Massachusetts are lit throughout the summer nights as families and friends enjoy cookouts and time together outside. If you need wood for your firepit, please let us know. We offer wood at competitive prices.

Our Other Services

Ciano Development Corporation is a one-stop-shop for contractors that need repairs on their excavating and landscaping equipment. We provide spare parts, fluid replacement, repairs, repainting, and refurbishing services. If you are in need of any of our services, please give us a call to discuss your project in greater detail. And if you are a homeowner looking to buy stacks of wood for your home, please let us know.

Contact Ciano Development Corporation for More Info & Prices

At Ciano Development Corporation we work with local homeowners and landscapers to make sure they have the materials and the tools they need year-round. Aside from selling our refurbished Bobcat equipment, we sell used vehicles, contracting equipment, and wood. If you are looking to purchase some wood, we would be happy to give you a quote.

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