At Ciano Development Corporation, we offer a variety of great attachments at affordable and competitive price points. Each of these attachments is designed to make landscaping easier for Bobcat users. One key attachment we sell for skid steer loaders is the backhoe Bobtach attachment. This attachment is designed to turn a regular Bobcat Skid Steer Loader into an excavator. See the video below of our owner Angelo using this attachment on one of our refurbished Bobcats.

What Is a Backhoe Bobtach Attachment?

A Backhoe Bobtach attachment is an attachment designed by Bobcat to transform a loader into an excavator. It utilizes a tight-fit attachment hook-up to the Bobcat mounting system. This makes mounting the attachment relatively simple. It does not require any stabilizers or a mounting kit. One unique function of the Backhoe Bottach attachment is that the dipper is able to swing left to right beyond 45 degrees. This makes it much easier to dump dirt without requiring the operator to turn the Bobcat. It makes for a much more efficient job and limits ground disturbance caused by pivoting.

How Does It Work?

The backhoe Bobtach uses auxiliary hydraulics from the Bobcat loader to power the digging, dumping, and swinging motions. It does not require a mounting kit, so setting up your Backhoe Bobtach attachment is relatively simple for a landscaper that has experience working with the Bobcat mounting system.

What Jobs Is it Best For?

This Bobtach attachment is best for jobs that require an excavator. These jobs include digging up sewage systems, creating an underground power or water line, or any other landscaping job that requires excavation. In some cases, landscapers used excavators or Bobcat skid steer loaders with the Backhoe Bobtach attachment to make inground pools or other water features. This attachment is cost-effective as well, instead of needing multiple machines, this attachment allows a single skid steer loader to double as an excavator, making it the perfect purchase for a local landscaping company.

Buy a Backhoe Bobtach attachment from Ciano Development Corporation in Reading, MA

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