At Ciano Development Corporation, we offer a variety of great attachments at very competitive prices. We find that a lot of local contractors and landscapers prefer to use Bobcat technology because it is a more affordable way to do a large variety of jobs. If you need new attachments or repairs, our team can help. We sell attachments and machines, as well as repair machines. One key attachment we sell for Bobcat skid steer loaders is a Bobcat Auger attachment. This attachment is designed to provide digging capabilities to a Bobcat machine.

What Is An Auger Attachment?

An auger is a long drilling attachment that can be fixed onto a Bobcat Skid Steer Loader. Using an Auger, a landscaper or homeowner can drill holes in their yard for a variety of purposes. Augers created long vertical holes a few feet deep. This can help when placing down fence posts or for other similar landscaping jobs. At Ciano Development Corporation, we sell a variety of Bobcat augers. Each of these augers is designed to be attached to your Bobcat machine. With a variety of attachments, a single Bobcat machine can be used from everything including heavy lifting to snow plowing.

How Does It Work?

Bobcat has a few different auger attachments including the following five versions we use the most. These include the 10, 15c, 30c, 35ph, and 50ph. Each auger has a slightly different speed, torque, and drill distance. They can dig from a range of 5 to 8 feet deep. They work the same way a drill bit works, the spiral structure of the auger lifts dirt out of the way as the auger spins.

What Jobs Is it Best For?

Augers can be used for a variety of landscaping tasks. Because they quickly and efficiently dig vertical holes, you can use an auger for fence posts, gardens, and installing other outdoor equipment. An auger can be utilized to install underground electrical wiring for outdoor patios, pools, etc. Of course, the most common use for an auger is to put down posts either for a fence or a mailbox.

Buy an Auger attachment from Ciano Development Corporation in Reading, MA

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