Just like with our blog last week, on the M2 series launch and their features, these new machines come with a whole new engine with more horsepower. This extra horsepower is great for working longer hours and getting more production out of your bobcat machine.

The M2-Series, S850 skid-steer loaders, now come standard with 100-horsepower Bobcat engines, a nine percent increase from the prior engine. The horsepower boost provides increased attachment performance in demanding applications. This includes operating high-flow auxiliary hydraulic attachments such as forestry cutters, planers and snowblowers. The boost in horsepower also delivers more power to operate these high-flow auxiliary hydraulic while traveling at greater speeds. This will ensure that you can get a lot more done during your use with these new bobcat machines.

Every M2-Series loader is powered by a Bobcat diesel engine that is made to work perfectly with the rest of the machine. It features a non-DPF design for simple operation, better fuel efficiency and less engine noise.

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