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How To Maintain Bobcat Skid Steer Tires

Anyone who owns, operates, or rents a Bobcat Skid Steer understands how valuable and crucial it is to have well-working, stable, and quality tires for their machine. Tires on a bobcat are delicate and the most vulnerable to issues, flats, and puncture holes. These issues can be costly, especially if your Bobcat is always working on a job site with debris lingering around. Suppose you currently have or are looking for a bobcat on a site with multiple situations, objects, and harsh materials. In that case, the expert bobcat team at Ciano Development has composed our tips to help you keep your tires in tip-top shape.


How To Keep Bobcat Tires Full:


Check the Air Pressure On Your Bobcat tires Regularly

No matter what kind of job site your Bobcat is on, it is essential that they always maintain optimal tire pressure. When your Bobcat’s tires are low or under-inflated, you run the risk of entirely blowing out the tire or creating unnecessary friction, making operating the Bobcat extraordinarily unsafe and dangerous and, in turn, using much more fuel than otherwise necessary.

Check The Treads On Your Bobcats Tires

Another component to ensuring optimal bobcat tire performance is consistently and regularly checking the tread on the tire. This includes thoroughly examining the tread from various angles, including top, bottom, and sides. It would be best to do this to ensure the treat isn’t wearing thin. When the tread wears out, you run the risk of a puncture wound, hole, or blowout. In addition, it makes the machine increasingly more challenging to steer, operate, and handle.

Don’t Overload The Skid Steer

When you are at a job site and loading various materials and objects onto your skid steer, consider the overall weight you are putting on the machine. If you put too much weight, you are affecting the tires. When you overload and affect the tires, they will produce lots of heat and friction that cause significant problems not only to the tires but to the machine itself.

Slow Down The Machine

Everyone always has a deadline they are looking to make and even finish it earlier than anticipated. However, it would help if you slowed down your Bobcat to prevent crashes or rolling over debris and materials. This will help you be aware of your surroundings and keep you away from potentially needing new tires.


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