How To Safely Operate a Bobcat Skid Steer

Did you recently just purchase or rent your very first Bobcat Skid Steer loader? Or are you a little rusty and wondering how to operate it safely and to the best of your ability? Have no fear! This article will explain all of the safety tips you need to know in order to operate your new piece of equipment with ease. Bobcat skid steers loaders or any piece of large machinery and equipment run the risk of injuring the operator as well as those around the work scene. That is why it is critical to ensure you are maintaining the best possible safety precautions while operating your skid steer.


5 Safety Tips To Keep In Mind When Operating Your Bobcat


Read the Manual:

Learn all that you can about the bobcat skid steer via online videos as well as the instructions manual that comes with the piece of equipment. It is crucial that you pay attention to the safety instructions and warnings within the manual to make sure you are following all of the directions.


Stay Seated:

Once you feel comfortable with the ins and outs of the machine via the manual it is important that when you begin to operate the equipment you stay seated. While you are seated ensure that the seatbelt is fastened, this will make sure you are safely operating the machine.


Keep All Body Parts Inside:

You must operate the skid steer loader from inside the operator’s compartment and never outside. While operating inside the compartment, keep all of your body parts, arms, legs, feet, and head inside the machine.


Limit Bystanders:

Do not let bystanders stand near or around the equipment. Accidents do occur and it is critical to make sure you will not harm anyone near or around you. The more people standing around and watching, especially those that are unequipped with proper protection, the more possible injuries.


Practice, Practice, Practice:

Whether you are completing a DIY project at home or you are building a brand new house you must practice. A key component of the skid steer is the scooping function. This is a task where practice makes perfect. To get the most out of your skill practice, Ciano Development recommends that to begin picking up the material, drive to the pile and drop the boom to the ground by pushing the right joystick down. Then drive forward to scoop the material off the ground. Next, raise the boom by pulling back the right joystick.


Keep these tips in mind when beginning to operate your machinery and always practice top safety precautions.


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