There are a variety of great landscaping projects that can fall into the do-it-yourself category. From gardening to creating stone paths, there are many projects you can do as long as you have the right tools, the right materials, and a little guidance.

When To Work On Your Yard

Yardwork requires a lot of prep. If you have projects in mind you should start planning them in mid to late winter. Make an inventory of the materials and tools you will need for your specific project and start creating a budget. Even DIY work can get expensive, while you may not be paying for labor costs, you will need to pay for materials and equipment as well as plan when you will be able to get the work done in your schedule. By early spring you want to have all of your equipment and tools ready to go so that you can easily get to work.

Choosing The Right Equipment

The size of the project determines the type of equipment you need. For example, a simple screwdriver is fine if you are building a small piece of furniture, but for anything larger, you probably want a power drill. Similarly, if you are going to be hauling loads of materials you won’t want a wheelbarrow. A skid steer loader can be an effective way to haul stones, fertilizer, soil, turf, and grass throughout your property. As a homeowner, you want to get the right equipment for your space, which means choosing something versatile. You likely will not want 10 different machines crowding your garage. That’s why a Bobcat Skid Steer Loader is a good pick because of the various attachments that allow it to double and even triple its uses. Whether you need to use it for transporting materials, excavation, or for plowing, the attachments make it affordable.

Completing Your Project

When you have the right tools and the right materials you are already more than halfway done with your project. That being said, it is always important to look up details relating to the project you are working on and to follow manufacturer instructions on the materials you are using. There are a plethora of great articles online and YouTube videos covering the basics of installing a new yard, creating your perfect garden, etc.

Get Landscaping Equipment In Reading

Ciano Development Corporation sells lightly used Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders and other landscaping equipment. We are happy to discuss our inventory with you and help make a recommendation on what machine is right for your project. Additionally, you can also rent our machines at 0% interest.