Dustless blasting is a process where silica abrasives in combination with water under great pressure are thrown on a surface to clear it off completely. Many consider it to be the future for surface cleaning. The mix of silica and water is jetted through the nozzle and blasted on the surface removing paint, rust, and other debris. There’s no dust – instead, there are sprinkles of water. It’s a dustless blasting method.

What You Can Do Using the Dustless Blasting Method

With dustless blasting, you can remove the paint, tar, oil stains, other oily stains from inaccessible places, etc. You can use this method to quickly and efficiently clean outdoor spaces as well as vehicles.

Benefits of dustless blasting

  • Efficient Cleaning: This method is more energy efficient for cleaning the surface than traditional sandblasting. Dustless blasting makes paint and rust come off quicker than other methods. Water cools down without treatment or complications. This is a significant benefit during dustless blasting. 
  • Lower Health Risk: Other blasting methods like sand-blasting can cause health issues for operators over time. This is due to longer exposure to fine granules in the air after blasting. These granules affect the respiratory system of workers. In contrast, water is used in the dustless blasting method. This minimizes the chance of the abrasive staying in the air and getting breathed in. It’s the cleanest and healthiest blasting method around.
  • Fewer Materials Required: Very few materials are needed during dustless blasting. That makes it a fast and efficient method for surface cleaning. Fewer materials also mean it’s less expensive in the long run.
  • Less abrasive materials: Water has a unique quality for better cooling than sand or another blasting medium. That makes it a more quick method to complete and clean the surface.
  • Easy Clean-up: After the dustless blasting method, you will find it more convenient to clean up the project area. Water is an excellent cleaning agent it will not keep any oil or rust or debris in the vicinity. You will not find any leftovers behind in presence of water.

Cons for Dustless Blasting

There are few disadvantages to dustless blasting:

  • Expensive machinery cost: A dustless blaster unit is an expensive piece of machinery. And although the investment is definitely worth it, the initial price can be a prohibitive factor. That is why we provide rental services for dustless blasters.
  • Costly maintenance for dustless blasting machines: Maintaining a dustless blaster can also be expensive. Which is yet another reason to rent a dustless blaster instead of owning your own.


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