Whether you are a local homeowner working on some yard projects or a landscaper, everyone knows the importance of having the right equipment and maintaining it. Equipment can be an important investment for your career and making sure it is functioning properly is vital to getting work done. That is why it is important to catch the signs that your equipment needs repairs early. Like with a car, a mini excavator can get damaged from improper use or just general use. Once damage begins to happen, the longer it goes unnoticed the worse the damage can become. Fixing things quickly is the best way to prevent expensive repairs or needing to replace your excavator.

Fluid Leaks In Your Mini Excavator

Fluid is invaluable for keeping landscaping equipment running. Like with any vehicle, a variety of fluids are needed to keep your engine running. Fluids are necessary to prevent damage between moving components within your equipment. Additionally, hydraulic leaks can cause serious problems for a mini excavator. Most leaks are caused by external damage to the machine that happens during use. If you notice a leak, you should immediately hire a repair contractor to find the source of the leak and handle it before it causes additional damage to your machine.

Exhaust Issues For Mini Excavators

If you notice black smoke coming out of your exhaust that is a sign that there might be an issue with your ventilation or your air filters. Heading over to a repair center is a good call. A replacement air filter is a pretty easy solution and much better compared to causing additional damage to your machine.

Strange Sounds From Your Mini Excavators

Strange sounds from your engine like whirring or clicking or humming are usually evidence that something is wrong. If you hear a sound that you haven’t heard before while using your mini-excavator and it continues for a few days, you should consider doing a full inspection of your equipment or hire someone for repairs.

Equipment Repair in Reading, MA

Ciano Development Corporation works on Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders, other skid steer brands, mini-excavators and more. If you have equipment that needs repairs, repainting, cleaning, or replacement parts, we would be happy to hlep. We serve the entire greater Boston area and provide towing services to our location. So if you need to schedule a pick-up and drop-off time, please let us know. We provide 24 hour turnaround as long as we have all of the parts we need, so you can get right back to work.