As the summer is coming to an end it is always good to make sure to have your Bobcat machine inspected for repairs. Although it is good to have your machine inspected at the beginning and end of the season you should also have maintenance checks periodically through out the busy season. This will ensure that the productivity of your machine is at 100 percent all the time.

A great way to keep your Bobcat machine’s productivity at an all time high is to commit to three maintenance habits. Routine maintenance schedule, advanced fluids knowledge and season equipment needs are great ways to extend the life of your skid-steer loader.

Routine Maintenance Schedule

When it comes to checking your skid-steer loader you want to be sure to complete a visual inspection to see if there is anything out of place. In addition, it is important to check on the components of the machine with areas such as fluids, filters, and grease points.

  • Fluids – Before you go out to your job or project be sure to check the fluids of your Bobcat skid-steer loader. Refer to the manufacturer’s operation and maintenance manuals to know the right levels for engine oil, hydraulic oil and coolants. If you notice and loss of fluids then you may have loose hoses, fittings or other potential damage that will affect productivity.
  • Filters – At least once a month you will want to check the filter of your skid-steer loader. Be sure to change out filters at scheduled intervals to ensure proper functionality as you use the machine.
  • Grease Points – Equipment parts like pins and bushings are grease components that should be inspected at specified intervals to minimize wear on pivot points.

Advanced Fluids Knowledge

Today’s skid-steer loader engines burn cleaner and run hotter than previous model engines. With EPA engine emissions standards taking affect in the compact equipment industry you need to know as much as possible about your machines fuel and oil selection. Not only will it deem your machine safe to the environment it will give you knowledge on the best fluids to use for optimal usage.

Tier 4 engines require ultra-low-sulfur diesel that burns cleaner and helps reduce emissions. For these engines, CJ-4 oil is required as it is formulated to reduce ash which will improve the production of the engine. The help ensure that you are using clean fluids, use additional filters and transfer tanks.

Equipment Needs In Different Weather

The great thing about Bobcat skid-steer loaders is that they can be used during any season of the year. Whether its for construction in the summer or snow plowing in the winter, these machines are made to assist you finish the job as smooth as possible. With New England weather you never really know what you are going to get, so you need to always have your machine ready for anything.

Depending on the weather, you will want to take special steps in your fluid maintenance depending on the time of year.

  • Select engine oil viscosity to match the temperature range you plan on working in.
  • During months of higher climate and warmer temperature, you will want to frequently check coolant levels.
  • Maximize efficiency by keeping the radiator and oil cooler as clean as possible.

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