Bobcat skid steer loaders are versatile pieces of equipment, especially with multiple Bobcat attachments. With skid steer attachments, you can make your skid steer even more versatile than it already is. In addition to the necessary skid steer attachments like bucket and forks, here are four of the most useful skid steer loader attachments.

The 4 Most Common Bobcat Attachments

1. Auger

If you need to drill a hole for fencing, footing, trees, or anything else, you can use an auger attachment on your skid steer loader. Auger attachments can generally drill down about six feet, though there are some extenders if your project requires more than that. Depending on how often you do these types of activities will determine whether you should rent one or buy one outright. Beware though – if you do decide to purchase an auger attachment, your friends and family will request your help with any digging projects.

2. Landscape Rake

Landscape rakes are multi-purpose tools. They are used to cut out soil and gather any sticks and rocks that may be present on a lawn or field. Landscape rake attachments can be used for Bobcat yard repair. They can also be used to collect rocks and debris in a hopper. Many manufacturers create landscape rakes, so shopping around for the right tool is critical.

3. Mulcher

The mulcher attachment does what you would guess – it makes mulch. It is useful for land that hasn’t been touched in a long time, and is excellent and reducing manual labor. However, mulcher attachments for your skid steer loader are one of the most expensive attachments available, so it may be best to rent this when you need it.

4. Grapple Buckets

Grapple buckets are especially useful in the demolition, construction, and trash-management industries, but can be a great tool for almost anyone. This attachment is used to grab heavy, oddly-shaped objects. If you think about it for a moment, you can probably recall several times it would have been useful to have a grapple bucket.
Having a variety of Bobcat attachments for your skid steer loader means you can quickly accomplish any project with this one versatile tool – your Bobcat machine. When considering which attachments you need to buy, consider the type of work you do most often. If it is a one- time job, consider renting instead, as that may be the more cost-efficient option. Contact Ciano Development Construction to learn more about our machines and attachments for sale or rent!