bobcat with snowblower attachment

Winter is coming and your Bobcat machine isn’t quite ready!  Check out these winter prep tips to make sure your skid steer loader is in tip-top shape before the snow flies!

  1. Change the Fluids

Winter temperatures mean proper winter fluids.  Especially if you live in a really cold area.

You should check the following fluids to make sure you are prepped for winter:

  • Engine Oil: 10W-30 or 5W-30 are great oils for cold weather lubrication!
  • Engine Coolant: Top off the antifreeze to make sure your lines don’t freeze in the cold temps.
  • Hydraulic Oil: Use a good synthetic blend to give you the best results in the cold temps.
  • Diesel Fuel: If it gets too cold, diesel fuel starts to gel.  Make sure you are using the proper grade of fuel for your temps to be sure that you won’t have any problems this winter.
  1. Fill Up the Tires

Air pressure drops in cold weather.  Low pressure in your tires can greatly affect the performance of your Bobcat machine.  Make sure to check your air pressure and properly fill those tires. Repair any leaks too so you aren’t wasting your time filling tires all winter!

  1. Charge the Battery

Ever hop into your car on a cold morning and notice it takes a little longer to roll over?  That’s because it takes more cranking power to get the engine started in cold temps.  Your skid steer loader is no different.  Make sure your battery is fully charged and ready for the cold temps so you don’t get left in the cold!

  1. Check out the Comfort Features in the Cab

You wouldn’t drive a motorcycle in subzero temps, would you?  No!  So be sure to check your comfort features in the cab of that Bobcat so that you can be comfortable while working all day. Check the door and window seals, and the defrosting systems to make sure everything is working properly.

  1. Prep Your Commonly Used Winter Attachments

You don’t use a plow in the summer, and if you don’t check it when you’re getting ready for winter, you may find yourself slinging a shovel instead of plowing the drive from the comfort of your Bobcat skid steer loader. Inspect the hoses, cylinders, and attachments, and check the hydraulic fluid levels to make sure all of your winter attachments are operating smoothly!

If you are looking to rent a Bobcat machine for winter snow removal or would like some more maintenance tips, feel free to contact us today!