Since its inception, the skid steer loader machine has been a huge impact on the construction and contracting industry. Due to its agility, maneuverability, and versatility, this machine can assist with multiple projects during all seasons of the year. If you are looking to purchase a skid steer loader for your next project, make sure the machine has the capabilities to assist you properly. Below are six things to consider when buying a Bobcat or any brand skid steer loader.


This factor is probably one of the most important things to consider as you do not want to buy a machine that will not help with the project in mind. Think about where it will be used, the type of terrain, how many days it will run, and who will use it. Knowing how your machine will be used will help you figure out everything else you will need including the size, horsepower, comfort, attachments and more.


The size of the machine you are considering to buy or rent goes hand in hand with where the machine will be used. Will your machine need to maneuver around tight spaces or will it be in an open area? After thinking about that you can figure out the size, but keep in mind that bigger is not always better. A large machine will be counterproductive a small job site. Same goes for expecting a smaller machine to handle larger tasks and lift heavy items.


Determining the horsepower your job will need is important to pick out a skid steer loader. The horsepower is important as it can give you an idea of the traction the machine will provide. In addition, the horsepower helps drive the attachments and hydraulic pumps. If you need your attachments to work on bigger projects, you should consider getting a bigger skid steer loader.


Bobcat machines and skid steer loaders, in general, have bucket attachments that can be lifted in one of two ways: radial or vertical. Figuring out what kind of lift your project will need will help you choose the proper machine and bucket attachments. If you are going to be mostly digging then you will need a radial lift model. If your project involves a lot of lifting and placing such as pallets, then you will want to choose a vertical life machine and bucket.


What makes Bobcat stand out from the other skid steer loader brands is the fact they have attachments for any job. From buckets, sweepers, and augers, to land planers, grapples, grubbers and more. Attachments are great because they maximize the use of a machine and produce greater productivity. When looking at different attachments, make sure they are reliable and have good durability. Nothing is worse than having an attachment break halfway through your job and then you have to spend extra money on repairs.


When it comes to attachments, hydraulics are the most important feature to know about before purchasing a machine. This is because the hydraulics run the attachments. One of the biggest mistakes with skid steer loaders is not investing in a high-flow hydraulic system. Investing in a high-flow hydraulic machine is the way to go as they will run attachments properly that need the extra hydraulics. This type of system is basically an upgrade as it will run low-flow hydraulic needing attachments much easier.