Ciano Development Corporation provides dustless blasting services throughout Reading and Greater Boston. Dustless blasting is an effective way to quickly clean a car, truck, boat, or property. And compared to traditional sandblasting, dustless blasting provides the added benefit of not leaving dust and sand all over the surface you just cleaned. Because there is no leftover sand or dust you can use this to clean both vehicles and contracting/landscaping equipment like Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders.

What Is Dustless Sandblasting?

Contrary to the name, dustless sandblasting doesn’t involve any sand. It actually gets its name from the fact that traditional sandblasting technology uses sand, which effectively strips away mold, graffiti, and rust, but leaves dust and dirt behind. This means that sandblasting (at least traditional sandblasting) cannot be used effectively on machinery. Leftover sand particles could damage your contracting equipment, cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Even if you used a traditional sandblaster on a wall or fence it could damage the surface while cleaning and leave a dusty residue. Dustless sandblasting mixes water with eco-friendly materials to strip away paint, rust, or mold. This means that having a surface cleaned with a dustless blaster is safe for your equipment, safe on surfaces, and also safe for the environment. Dustless blasters are a “Made in America” product that are effective against a variety of surfaces.

What Can Dustless Blasting Clean?

Dustless blasting is most effective at stripping materials off of a surface. Dustless blasting is used to remove graffiti, paint, mold, dirt,┬árust, and other grime off of surfaces. Just like traditional sandblasting this works by hitting a surface with pressurized water that contains abrasive materials that peel and strip off the material you are trying to remove. However, the materials used in dustless blasting break down after use so there isn’t dust left behind. Dustless blasting can be used to clean machinery including vehicles, contracting equipment, and other surfaces like fences and walkways.

Contact Us For Dustless Blasting in Greater Boston

Ciano Development Corporation provides dustless blasting both onsite at our business in Reading Massachusetts as well as providing a mobile service. If you need a car, truck, wall, deck, or other surface cleaned, or you would like to know more about dustless blasting, please call our office or send us a message via our contact form. A member of our team would be happy to set up an appointment either at your facility or ours for dustless blasting.