Spring is a time for cleaning and organizing, but most importantly-construction and landscaping projects! Bobcat maintenance is an important aspect of getting the machine ready for various projects. Hopefully, you won’t need to do any Bobcat repair, but at the very least you may have to do a few small maintenance checks.
Your machine should be regularly and routinely checked to avoid any major issues to ensure that you don’t waste any time trying to diagnose issues. Let’s focus on loading your brain with these useful tips on preparing your loader for the upcoming season.

Battery Inspection

The battery on your Bobcat skid steer loader will most likely need to be charged unless of course the master key has been disconnected during winter months. On the other hand, it is possible that the battery has internal issues due to bare or broken wires-so it may be productive to inspect your harnesses, especially in a used Bobcat loader.

If you suspect that your skid steer loader or Bobcat excavator’s battery is not holding a charge or that the battery is draining-refer to your user manual.

Fluid Inspection

While preparing your Bobcat for commercial or residential use, you’ll want to add checking the fluids to your list of tasks. Here are some important details on fluids and fuel management:

  • Check your oil fluid levels. Pull out the dipstick, check the indicator lines.
  • Check the coolant level. Look for the white plastic tank, check the tank line.
  • Also check the hydraulic oil level. Pull out of dipstick and refer to the indicator lines.
  • Always match fuels to proper temperatures
  • Make sure to refer to the user manual on different types of fuel

Remember the attachments

To ensure the success of your projects, you will also be using some of your loader’s
attachments including, blades, saws, and cutters. These attachments will also need some attention and will need to be assessed in making sure they are still in good condition. Follow the same guidelines above for tips on inspecting fluids and fuel.

One last thing you might consider checking on is the air conditioning. Chances are, it will be hot outside while you work, and you will want to be able to keep cool. All things considered, once you get all the tedious stuff out of the way you’ll be ready to play with your favorite toy in no time.