It is finally December and that usually means the start of the snowfall for the winter season here in New England. While snow has its own beauty and elegance that reminds us of winter’s natural beauty, the removal of snow can be a pain. This is especially true in our region as the snowfall can be consistent for days on end. Removing snow from your property can take the fun out of winter as it can cause injury on top of it being a chore no one enjoys.

Make snow removal easy this winter with the help of a Bobcat machine with snow removal attachments. There are many different models of machines and attachments to help you remove large amounts of snow and ice from your space. Below are the top five Bobcat machines to consider to buy for optimal snow removal.

Skid Steer Loaders

In general, these machines are popular in the agriculture and construction industry and reasons for attraction are applied to snow removal as well. Skid steer loaders have the maneuverability, nimbleness, and traction that make them great for snow removal in tight areas. Instead of pushing the snow together as you would with a plow, loaders can load and lift snow to desired areas which can avoid the risk of having huge snow banks blocking your view. The great thing about this type of Bobcat machine in the winter is that it comes with a heated cab to keep you comfortable and warm during this removal process.

All-Wheel Steer Loaders

All-wheel steer loaders give you the power of two machines in one. With the flip of a switch, your machine can go from all-wheel to skid steer. The axles on this machine increase comfort when operating on hard surfaces and minimize sliding when pushing snow. If you are working on concrete you will not need to worry about tire marks as the all-wheel mode reduces rubber marks. The blade attachment also allows the snow the roll with the blade rather than pushing the snow, by doing this your performance increases as you increase your speed.

Mini Track Loaders

For sidewalks and walkways snow removal, you should turn to mini track loaders as they can easily access tight spaces. What is great about these machines is that they are easy to operate with simple controls and require little effort to operate.

Utility Vehicles

With options of either two-wheel or four-wheel drive, utility vehicles (UTVs) provide solutions for quick removing light snow on sidewalks and pathways. Their heated cab provides optimal comfort during removal for all operators. The different between UTVs and mini track loaders is that UTVs have the muscle to also handle larger snow removals other than sidewalks that mini track loaders cannot.

Toolcat™ Utility Work Machines

This machine combines the most practical features of a UTV, pickup truck, compact tractor, and skid steer loader all in one. The four-wheel-drive system provides traction for fast snow removal on all surfaces. Compared to most pickup trucks the have all-wheel steering and a tighter turning radius. Easy-to-use controls and a heated cab give drivers comfort during operation and with speeds up to 18mph, improve plowing capabilities.