The temperatures are warmer, projects are ready to be pursued, and you are ready to work. Is your Bobcat machine ready for use? Performing a thorough spring tune-up to get your equipment ready to work at peak performance is vital to project success. There is a list of spring maintenance checks that you should perform on your Bobcat equipment to refresh components and to remedy any service issues that you discover in the process. You want your equipment functional and reliable. Here are some tune-ups that your Bobcat machine, such as a skid steer loader, needs for the spring/summer.
Inspect the Battery

If your bobcat has been inactive during the winter season, perform a battery inspection to see if the battery survived in the cold. If the battery has not been disconnected during the winter, it is at risk of losing up to 50 percent of its power. Your Bobcat’s battery depletion would certainly warrant a charge for operational use in the spring if care was not taken to prevent self-discharge.

Check Tire Pressure

Sitting idly during the cold months causes your Bobcat to lose tire pressure as air permeates through the rubber. You need to have an assessment done on your tires to ensure that your Bobcat skid steer loader has the proper tire pressure before any work is undertaken. You do not want to run the risk of pushing back your completion date due to maintenance breaks if something happens to the tires.
Check Fluids and Fuels

Try to avoid downtime when you need your bobcat to complete important projects. As such, it is vital that you match fuel and oils to the temperatures recommended for operating a Bobcat. Be sure to check coolant level, hydraulic oil level, engine oils, oil weights, and change filters in your Bobcat to keep it running at optimum condition.
Inspect the Attachments

Many Bobcat attachments allow an operator the ability to tackle everyday maintenance and ground-engaging tasks, and increase productivity. Since they serve such important functions, parts such as hoses, cylinders, guards, and cutting blades should be checked for damage or wear. You will also want attachments’ fluid and lubrication levels to be examined. You want to ensure that these attachments are in working condition in the spring/summer. They are just as important as the Bobcat machine itself and should be properly maintained.

Regular maintenance of your Bobcat machine ensures optimal performance to complete small or large projects and prevents costly repairs that can put a strain on your finances.