What Size Bobcat Skid Steer Do I Need?


Adding a trusty Bobcat Skid Steer Loader to your arsenal of equipment is a fantastic way to increase your productivity and save time. Skid steers are an incredible tool that can be utilized in a variety of ways at a variety of different job sites and locations. However, it may not be evident if you are unsure what size to look for during your rental or buying search. It may need clarification as bobcats come in various sizes, makes, and models, giving you tons of different options. To help you find the perfect bobcat skid steer for your job site, the industry experts at Ciano Development have curated our top tips to help you determine the best size for you.


How To Determine What Skid Steer Size You Need:


Know Your Bobcat Price Point

The amount of money you want to spend or not to spend can drastically affect what machine will be best for you. Budget regarding machinery and overall project budget can influence the overall size as larger skid steers will cost more than smaller framed skid steers. If you want to stay as close to your budget as possible, we recommend going with a smaller machine that still fits within your means but won’t break the bank.

Determine The Project Site Layout

Knowing and finalizing your job site’s location is critical when considering what skid steer you should purchase or rent. Dimensions are crucial because if you have a small job site, you will not be able to fit a large machine. Instead, you will want to have a smaller machine that is able to fit in between tight turns and crevices.

Think About Storage Size

Another aspect of size is determining where you will store the skid steer. If you only have access to a small garage or storage unit, you will want a smaller framed skid steer, as it will only take up a little space. If you have more space, consider going larger as you have the resources to do so.


Where Can I Rent or Buy The Right Sized Bobcat Skid Steer In Massachusetts?

The most important part of determining whether to rent or buy a bobcat skid steer is finding a reputable dealer that takes care of their equipment and customers. If you are located in Massachusetts, there is no better team than the one at Ciano Development Corporation. Ciano is an industry-leading provider of all things Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders. As industry experts, Ciano Development Corporation buys and trades Bobcat machinery so that we can repair it and get it ready for resale, as well as offering new equipment that just hit the market. Our inventory is constantly changing in and out, but we would be happy to discuss our available products and help you find the best-sized machine for you and your needs!


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