In the machinery industry, there has been one machine that has been revered as the “jack-of-all-trades.” This machine is the Bobcat skid steer loader as it is a machine that can adapt to any situation and assist you with any work you are trying to complete. What makes this machine so special, and have the ability to adapt, is the different kinds of attachments you can have for a skid steer. As cliche as it sounds, the skid steer loader really has attachments for any job, during any season. Below are 10 must have attachments for any skid steer loader.

Low Profile Bucket

This attachment is a must have for its overall versatility because it can take care of the bulk of lifting during any job. What makes low profile buckets great is that they are multi-functional. Not only will they assist with collecting but low profile buckets are also great for spreading gravel as well as smooth out any foundation material you are applying. This attachment is a default that comes with any purchase of a Bobcat skid steer loader so you will have a great attachment at the start!

Snow Bucket

This attachment, of course, is best for snow as it will hold the snow with out having it overflow. Which would be the case if you are thinking of using a low profile bucket for this job. Snow Buckets are deep and made to retain the snow as you clear it from your property. Not only are these attachments good for the winter, but also in the other seasons of the year as they will help scoop leaves, grass, wood chips, mulch and more.

Digging Bucket

If you are working on a job that requires moving larger or bulky items then you will want an attachment with teeth. This is where the digging bucket comes in handy as it will allows users to move these items while giving extra dig when breaking through soil or roots.

Skeleton Root Grapple

The grapple is unline a standard bucket because of its claw-like design that will secure the material during transport. It does this while avoiding the collection of topsoil which may happen with a bucket. This Bobcat attachment is great for picking up rocks, logs, scrap material, bales, roots, brush and more!

Tree Scoop

This attachment is something every landscaper should consider owning if they are consistently dealing with jobs that need to remove trees. What makes the tree scoop better than other attachments out there is its simplicity, multi-functional capabilities and its low cost. The tree scoop is a single solid construction piece that have teeth to make for an effective spear during the scooping motion to cut up roots. Not only is this tool great for trees, you can use them for digging trenches, ripping out asphalt and other demolition tasks.

Tree Shear

Before taking out a tree with a tree scoop, the tree must be cut down to a stump. You can do this with the tree shear as they are essentially heavy-duty tree scissors. With different sizes for different jobs, ability to leave little to no debris, safeness and quiet nature this attachment is the perfect tool for trimming down trees before removal.

Land Leveler

Land levelers are self explanatory as they do just as described, they will level the land to your liking. As mentioned before, this can be done with a low profile bucket but it only will do this to a certain degree. The land leveler is the attachment to have if you are looking for precise leveling for your project.

Harley Rake

This attachment is great for landscapers working on large lawns as it will pick up all the old and unwanted material from the ground. Making it easy to manually rake away into a compost pile.


If the job you are working requires holes to be made into the ground then you will want an auger attachment with your Bobcat machine. Augers create precise holes during any job while also carrying material upwards with the protruding grooves along the shaft. The one thing to keep in mind is that your skid steer loader will need to have the proper hydraulic flow and pressure ratings to operate this attachment.

Brush Cutter

A brush cutter is the perfect attachment to clear debris and brush out of the way so you can start working on your project. You will want to have a cutter with an efficient blade that will cut through mulch, small trees, bushes, etc.