We understand that during the busy season it is hard to find time for equipment downtown as it will affect the completion time of your project. A delay in completion time may be costly.  Here are some tips on essential parts we recommend operators keep on hand to minimize downtime. As well as highlighting the importance of service technicians when repairing and servicing Bobcat machines.

Keep Parts & Safety Items on Hand

Making sure to have your machine inspected in the off season so that it is ready for the busy season is just one step in overall Bobcat machine keep up. During the season you should have maintenance parts and high-wear replacements on standby to reduce downtime during projects. Be sure to have air, fuel filters and ground engaging parts inspected while keeping bushings and seals handy. These parts are always getting hit or getting dirt kicked into them.

You will also want to keep several items handy such as seat belts, beacons, fire extinguishers and fluorescent tape. Having these safety items handy is critical as it allows you to meet the criteria required to work on different job sits through out the season.

Don’t Repair Your Machine if You Are Not Trained

We know saving money is important with the addition of learning something new. However, there are technicians and specialists for a reason. One of the biggest mistakes contractors make is trying to repair their Bobcat machines themselves when something goes wrong. This usually ends up with the machine failing or becoming worse, leading to contractors buying or renting new machines.

To ensure quality and proper service, take your machine to a technician for any and all repairs. This is because newer models of machines are coming with computers, modules and sensors integrated within the machine. Technical aspects that not many average every day people will understand. So if they try to repair on their own then they can run the risk of worsening the problem of their machine. Whenever there is something wrong with your Bobcat, take it to a professional.

Help Technicians Diagnose Problems

If you notice that your Bobcat machine is starting to act up, take not of what is going on. Write down the sound it makes during operation if it is different than normal, what you think may have caused the issue. Pass this information down to your technician so they have all the information they need to come up with the best solution possible. This also allows for repairs to happen more quickly as the technician will know exactly what the machine is doing and use their tools and diagnostic technology to pinpoint the problem.