When it comes to using construction equipment, regardless of the job, the most important thing you are looking for is the uptime or usage time, the machine can provide. Nothing is worse than getting halfway through a project and then your equipment starts to fail on you, thus prolonging the completion of the job. With the fall season approaching it is a good thing to make sure your machines, skid steer loaders, and excavators are all working properly and provide you with the efficiency you need. As the cooler climate approaches the ground gets slightly harder to work with which is why you need to have proper uptime with your Bobcat excavator and other machines. Below are five tips for boosting excavator uptime to help make your project go as smoothly as possible.

Read the Manuals

While this may come off as a no-brainer, you would be surprised at how many people look over this simple but helpful guide. The manual can inform users of the instrumentation of the excavator along with the service and maintenance schedules for each machine. This is vital information as you will need to know how long to go between certain maintenance repairs. Proper maintenance is key to ensuring all the parts of your excavator are working properly.

Top Fluids Off Daily

A routine to get in the habit of is to check the fluids of your excavator before each use to ensure that there are proper fluid levels for optimal performance. Refer to your owner’s manual to double check on the type of fluid your machine needs and be sure to refill any areas that show low levels. If you operate your machine with low fluid levels it could lead to your excavator using more energy to do simple tasks which could lead to damage. Then you will have to get the Bobcat excavator repaired which could cost you rather than paying for fluid refills. Be sure to check your fluid levels and to lubricate recommended machine parts at recommended intervals for smooth operation.

Maintain Filters

Bobcat excavators or compact excavators of any kind come with multiple filters for the fuel, engine, air, and hydraulic systems. If any of these filters get dirty or clogged it impacts the performance of the overall machine and could harm sensitive components. To avoid any major damage, be sure to keep an eye on the condition of these filters and change them when necessary and recommended by the manual.

Use Clean & Quality Fuel

Most excavator manufacturers recommend using No. 2 or No.1 grade diesel fuel for operating but with New Englands cooler climate you may need to look into specially formulated blends of fuel that prevent gelling. Regardless of the fuel you use, be sure to make sure it is clean fuel and at least ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel as this will reduce exhaust emission levels. You will not only be doing your machine justice by using the proper fuel but also helping the environment with less exhaust emission.

Inspect & Maintain Track Tension Daily

An important aspect of an excavator to be mindful of is the rubber tracks that are used in the undercarriage of the machine. Depending on how you use your excavator and the environment you operate in, the life expectancy of your tracks can be long or short. This is why you need to examine the tracks on a daily basis to look for cuts, tears, or areas that expose the steel embeds. The tension of the tracks is something you should especially keep an eye on as a loose track is likely to de-track. This will be detrimental to the operation and useful life of the track. This could lead to repairs that could get costly.

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