Following up with our last blog on boosting tips, we continue with five additional tips on boosting Bobcat excavator uptime. As a reminder, these tips are to help with extending the life and usage time of your excavator machines so they give you optimal performances no matter where you use them.

Inspect The Cooling System Daily

Effective systems rely on good airflow and appropriate coolant fluid levels. If these are lacking then your excavator can overheat and accelerate engine damage. In addition, you most likely will be using an excavator during warmer seasons so the machine will also be exposed to heat. Adding an overheated engine to the heat will cause engine failure sooner than you intended. Check the cooling system for proper airflow and inspect hoses for any leaks and replace if necessary.

Maintain Battery & Charging System

Just like with a car, excavators use a battery to operate in addition to the engine. Excavators also have fuses that protect the system from any electrical overload so if you see failed fuses be sure to replace them. Also like a car battery, you will want to inspect your excavator’s battery for corrosion. You can prevent corrosion by applying proper levels of dielectric grease.

Keep Attachments In Top Shape

Anyone who has used a skid steer loader or excavator knows that attachmentsĀ are critical to getting the job done. Having faulty attachments can prolong a project and can even be hazardous when operating. A simple check of cutting edges, shanks, teeth, and hoses can help you determine if there is any damage that needs to be fixed or replaced.

Pay Attention To Instruments

Some Bobcat excavators come with instrument panels, much like a car’s dashboard, that will inform operators when the system is out of sync and needs a repair. These panels may also show fluid levels to ensure you are on top of your levels before each use. From time to time, take a peek at what the panes are showing to make sure you are operating at full power.

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