Every contractor loves to use mini excavator and other Bobcat machinery as they help complete projects with ease. These machines can be used in any type of weather condition and can last for a while. However, if they are not cared for properly then their uptime (life span) can decrease faster than normal. To prevent any premature aging to these machines here are a few tips to maintain your mini excavator.

  1. Read The Manual – It may seem like a common sense tip but its important. All machines come with a manual for users to know how to properly use and maintain their machine. If you don’t bother reading the manual then a mini excavator’s uptime will surely decrease.
  2. Top Fluids Off Daily – ¬†Making sure your machines fluids are topped off is important as it will provide the efficient service you are expecting. Always check a Bobcat machines’ coolant fluid, hydraulic fluid as well as engine oil. When checking these fluids make sure to use clean rag as to not get any dirt inside the fluid.
  3. Maintain Filters – There are multiple filters within a compact excavator for the fuel, engine and hydraulic systems. Each one has a different level of when the filters should be cleaned. A dirty or clogged filter can directly impact the performance of a Bobcat machine. To ensure your machine operates at its full potential make sure you clean the filters at the required time.
  4. Fuel – Make sure to use clean and quality fuel with our machines for proper performance. Many Bobcat machines use No. 2 or No. 1 grade diesel fuel. Depending on the weather conditions of your job site, you might want to look into using specially formatted blends of diesel fuel. These blends are made specifically for colder weather.
  5. Check Tracks РChecking the track tension of your excavators daily is one of the most important maintenance tasks you can do. Many excavators use rubber racks and their life expectancy depends on the environment the job your machine will be working in is exposed to as well as the habits of the operators. These should be checked daily for any cuts, tears and the check the tension of the track. You want to make sure the track has good tension, as a loose track can be detrimental to your Bobcat machine.

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