Bobcat S300 Skid Steer Loader for sale in Reading

Every local landscaper or contractor knows the importance of having good equipment. That being said, it is invaluable to not overspend on that equipment. This is why so many professionals buy used equipment or refurbished equipment. Whether it is an excavator or skid steer loader, there are a lot of benefits to buying them used. However, it is important to make sure you are getting the right quality for your purchase. If maintenance costs end up overshadowing the money you saved by buying used, you would potentially have been better off buying a new piece of equipment or shopping with a better dealer.

What To Consider When Buying Used Equipment

As stated above you should always avoid spending more than you plan to when getting used equipment. Used equipment is not going to last as long as brand new equipment, and in some cases, it may require more maintenance. The first piece of advice is that you see the equipment in person and inspect it yourself. Many reputable equipment dealers will showcase what they have for sale and let you know if any additional maintenance is required. It is also wise to purchase equipment from a refurbished instead of a general dealer. If the dealer doesn’t also provide repair or refurbishing services for used equipment, it is likely that they don’t repair the machines they buy. These machines are much more likely to run into issues down the road.

When To Get A Used Bobcat Skid Steer Loader

When searching for new equipment consider peak versus off-peak selling times. Used equipment dealers have prices and inventories that can fluctuate. Buying equipment when the demand is at its highest and the supply is at its lowest will cost you. Plan to buy used equipment well in advance. For instance, late winter or early spring is a smart time to look for landscaping equipment, and fall is a smart time to look for snow removal equipment.

Where To Get A Used Bobcat Skid Steer Loader

You should only work with a trusted local dealer when buying used equipment. Just like used car salesmen, there is a bad reputation around used equipment dealers. A good equipment dealer makes it easier for the local landscapers to get their hands on used equipment without breaking the bank. But bad dealers can overcharge you or won’t be forthcoming on how old the machine is, how much use it has seen, or if there is any maintenance that is still required. The sign of a good dealer is one that offers a variety of programs including rental programs, rent-to-own programs, repair services, and more. Dealers that have been longstanding members of the community and have a positive reputation are more trustworthy as well.

Avoid Bobcat Auctions

Another thing to avoid is auctions. Although it isn’t uncommon for multiple contractors or landscapers to buy from the same dealer, an official auction should be avoided. Auctions in any industry are an excuse to drive up the price of equipment to the point where you are getting less value for more money. The entire purpose of buying used is to get good workable equipment without spending new equipment prices.

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