firewood stacked

If you live in New England and have a fire-stove, you are probably used to needing firewood. Even homes that have electric or gas heat still can benefit from a few fires during the wintery months. A warm and toasty fire can be enjoyed by the entire family as you host a movie night or have dinner.

Know Where You Plan To Store Wood

If you choose to buy wood by the cord, you will need somewhere to store it. Storing wood outdoors can cause issues where wood could get wet and will be more difficult to burn. It is recommended that wood is either stored indoors or in an outdoor shelter. Alternatively, if your property does not have room for wood storage, it is recommended that you do not buy wood by the cord but buy smaller amounts of wood more frequently.

How Much Firewood To Purchase

When purchasing firewood there are a few options. You could buy a full cord of wood which is 8 ft x 4 ft x 4ft or you could buy a stack of wood that is 4 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft, or you could buy a dozen logs. Depending on what you have for storage space, and how often you will need to have a fire during the winter, you may choose to buy more wood or less wood. Many homes have electric or gas heat, so it makes more sense to buy smaller quantities of wood for when you decide you want to have a fire. But if you plan to have regular fires on a weekly basis, it may make more sense to buy a larger quantity of firewood.

Getting the Right Type Of Firewood

There are many options when it comes to firewood. When burning wood outdoors, the type of wood doesn’t matter as much as when working indoors. When burning indoors you want to choose wood that will not create too much smoke nor will have issues when burning. It is recommended to either choose dense wood like maple and oak or choose synthetic wood logs that are designed for indoor use.

Only Burn Firewood That Has Aged

Green wood or wood that has been cut down this season tends to have too much moisture to effectively burn it. You should let your wood dry out for at least one season before you try and light it. Alternatively, synthetic wood logs that are sold in stores can be used right away instead of needing to wait for it to dry out.

Buy Firewood in Reading, MA

Ciano Development Corporation sells firewood in Reading Massachusetts. If you need logs for your stove or fireplace, we can help. Give us a call today to discuss buying logs.